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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Fareportal Delivers a Full Suite of Proven Travel Services, Including Marketplaces and Credit Cards

Fareportal Delivers Travel Services and Credit Cards

Consumers often become overwhelmed with options when booking travel, especially when all they... read more »
Jon McDonald 1/19/2022
Financial Freedom Guru Helps Consumers Leverage Credit Cards and Financial Products to Build Wealth

Financial Freedom Guru Helps Users Leverage Credit Cards

Financial Freedom Guru has easy-to-follow guides to help people at all income levels become... read more »
Adam West 1/12/2022
ANote Music Lets Fans Invest in Music Royalties to Diversify their Portfolios and Reduce Credit Reliance

ANote Music Lets Fans Invest in Music Royalties

Music has become ubiquitous in the investment market thanks to modern streaming services, and... read more »
Adam West 1/11/2022
Edly Offers Attractive Loans for Student Borrowers Through Private Credit and Income-Based Repayment Plans

Edly: Student Loans with Income-Based Payment Plans

Traditional student loan providers in the United States offer funding at a fixed rate by... read more »
Jon McDonald 1/10/2022
Extend Empowers Businesses to Control Spending Through Virtual Credit Cards Without Changing Banks

Extend Lets Businesses Relay Virtual Cards to Stakeholders

The Extend platform allows companies to issue virtual credit cards (VCCs) to their vendors and... read more »
Jon McDonald 1/5/2022
Wirex Card Integrates Traditional and Digital Currencies for Global Spending That Saves Users Fees and Pays Rewards

Wirex Card Integrates Digital and Traditional Currencies

The Wirex card enables debit card spending worldwide and also functions as a digital currency... read more »
Adam West 1/5/2022
Abound Credit Union Delivers Services Tailored to Member Needs and Financial Health

Abound Credit Union Highlights Financial Health

Abound Credit Union is a leading provider of financial education in Kentucky, with over 100,000... read more »
Adam West 1/4/2022
Webexpenses Earns Recognition for its Innovative Company Credit Card Management Solutions

Webexpenses: Company Credit Card Management

Webexpenses is a digital business expenses and payment platform designed to accommodate the... read more »
Jon McDonald 1/4/2022
Miles4Migrants: Credit Card Rewards Donations Can Help Reunite Families and Bring Refugees to Safety

Miles4Migrants: Card Rewards Reunite Families

Miles4Migrants is a nonprofit organization that uses donated credit card rewards to reunite... read more »
Adam West 12/29/2021
Adaptive Adventures Uses Donated Credit Card Rewards to Support Athletic Activities for Everyone

Adaptive Adventures Supports Athletics for Everyone

Everyday activities — much less more adventurous excursions — can feel out of reach for those... read more »
Jon McDonald 12/23/2021
Elude Helps Travelers Earn Card Rewards While Booking Vacations Based on Their Budget

Elude Helps Travelers Book Vacations Based on Budget

Many would-be travelers don’t know how far their budgets can take them, but the Elude travel... read more »
Jon McDonald 12/21/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — December 16, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — December 16, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 12/16/2021
Aegis Credit Union Goes Beyond Credit Scores to Deliver Access to Loan Products for Its Community

Aegis Credit Union Goes Beyond Credit Scores

Aegis Credit Union gives members access to products and services designed to build their credit... read more »
Adam West 12/16/2021
Skyline Financial Federal Credit Union Takes on Digital Evolution to Enhance Member Experience

Skyline Financial FCU Delivers Dedicated Member Services

Skyline Financial Federal Credit Union, based in Waterbury, Connecticut, continues through a... read more »
Adam West 12/15/2021
Card Rewards Donations Help Support Resistbot’s Mission to Empower Activists Toward Political Justice

Resistbot Empowers Activists Lobbying for Change

Resistbot equips activists and ordinary citizens with the power to amplify and communicate... read more »
Adam West 12/15/2021
Laurel Road Refinances Student Loans and Offers a Cashback Card to Help Subsidize Payments

Laurel Road Cashback Card Helps Repay Student Loans

Recent college graduates are increasingly deferring milestones like home ownership and marriage... read more »
Adam West 12/14/2021
Just Start Investing: Tools and Resources to Help Consumers Reduce Credit Reliance and Achieve Retirement Goals

Just Start Investing Helps Reduce Credit Reliance

People need trustworthy, straightforward information for making the best retirement planning... read more »
Adam West 12/14/2021
Effective Altruism and Giving What We Can Vet Causes and Offer Resources for Meaningful Card Rewards Donations

Effective Altruism: Causes for Card Rewards Donations

Fund managers at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) identify charitable giving strategies... read more »
Adam West 12/13/2021 Weekly Credit Card Update — December 10, 2021

Weekly Credit Card Update — December 10, 2021

For media inquiries on these stories and more, contact credit card expert and industry analyst... read more »
Bill Hardekopf 12/10/2021
SafeNest Uses Card Donations to Help Domestic Violence Survivors and Stops Abuse at the Source

SafeNest Uses Donations to Stop Domestic Violence

The Nevada nonprofit SafeNest not only focuses on providing resources to domestic violence... read more »
Adam West 12/9/2021
GoHenry: A Debit Card and App for Kids That Teach Financial Responsibility Through Interactive Games

GoHenry Debit Card and App Teach Kids Through Games

Today’s consumers often spend and save in a nearly cashless environment. But card products from... read more »
Jon McDonald 12/9/2021
Card Rewards Donations Help The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Support Women on Their Cancer Care Journey

The NOCC Advocates for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Because no real screening tests exist for ovarian cancer, many women remain undiagnosed and... read more »
Adam West 12/8/2021
Credit Card Rewards Donations Empower First Responders Children’s Foundation to Support Emergency Workers

First Responders Children’s Foundation & Card Rewards

First Responders Children’s Foundation directs support to emergency workers and their families... read more »
Adam West 12/7/2021
Titan’s Active Investment Management Platform Can Help Investors Reduce Credit Reliance

Titan Investment Platform Can Help Limit Credit Reliance

Apps and automation have helped people try their hand at investing for the first time, but... read more »
Jon McDonald 12/7/2021