Google Cloud Platform Approved for Credit Card Use

Mike Randall • May 24, 2018

Just in time for the busiest season of the year for credit card purchases, Google has announced its Google Cloud Platform is now certified to handle credit card transactions.

To be more specific, the cloud services Google provides to other businesses can now be used by those businesses to securely process payments and purchases made using credit cards.

While this may not seem like an earth-shattering piece of news – heck, some of us probably thought they were already compliant – it is actually a big deal.

Meeting payment card industry standards

The standards put forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) provide a security framework for processing credit card transactions and information.

These Data Security Standards (DSS) outline the procedures, policies and even the physical infrastructure that must be in place for a merchant or online retailer to process card payments.

Having met the DSS compliance standards, the Google Cloud Platform can now be used by businesses to complete secure transactions for any branded credit card.

New services for businesses

In conjunction with the announcement of meeting the certification standards, online payment processor WePay announced the Google Cloud Platform is now its official cloud service provider. WePay is a provider of payment services for businesses, crowdfunding websites and other online marketplaces.

According to David Nye, Director of Development at WePay, “Moving our hosting entirely into the cloud is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. It will enable us to scale rapidly to deal with spikes in demand and give us more flexibility to perform maintenance without impacting our customers.”

The Google Cloud Platform provides a secure and highly scalable environment for clients needing quick and secure access to computing services. Becoming DSS compliant to provide secure credit card processing simply adds another valuable service for Google’s customers.

It is worth pointing out Amazon’s cloud service, as well as Microsoft’s Azure, is already certified by the PCI and are DSS compliant for credit card transactions.

The takeaway

The advantage to small businesses and online marketplaces of having a secure platform at their disposal is an obvious one.

With large cloud providers using their vast resources to offer the most robust security possible, small businesses can avoid having these expenses in house. In addition, transaction security is centralized and easier to manage.

As a result, the Google Cloud Platform provides an architecture on which businesses and application developers are able to build their own secure and compliant offerings.

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