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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Discount Tire’s Credit Card Offers Interest-Free Payment Options and Perks at 250,000+ Gas Stations

Discount Tire Credit Card Offers Flexible Funding

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Adam West
By: Adam West
Posted: August 10, 2021

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In a Nutshell: Discount Tire provides customers with efficient tire and wheel installation, and maintenance at nearly 1,100 locations in the U.S. The company also offers consumers payment flexibility with its no-annual-fee credit card issued in partnership with Synchrony. Cardholders receive deals, rebates, and even flexible interest-free repayment options based on the total amount financed. And the Discount Tire credit card is accepted at more than 250,000 gas stations nationwide, giving people even more freedom.

A new set of tires or wheels can be a significant — and often surprising — expense for many consumers. But given the importance of maintaining reliable transportation, it is a necessary cost.

Finding a tire and wheel service retailer that understands that balance between necessity and cost can make a big difference.

Discount Tire has helped its customers get back on the road for more than 60 years by keeping things simple. In contrast to the service car owners may receive at a dealership or other tire retailers, Discount Tire focuses on installing tires and wheels, not upselling or finding other problems.

That also means installation and maintenance specialists can perfect their approach at each one of Discount Tire’s more than 1,100 locations across the U.S.

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“It’s allowed us to become professional in the industry,” said Ray Winiecke, Discount Tire SVP of Operations. “We can provide our service quickly and efficiently and help you maintain your tires with regular rotations and free tire repairs when needed.”

Discount Tire also hasn’t shied away from opportunities to add value to its customer experience. That’s why the company responded to customer feedback by partnering with Synchrony to provide customers with options to pay for their tires and wheels over time.

Today, the Discount Tire Synchrony Car Care™ credit card combines no annual fee and zero liability for fraudulent transactions with exclusive cardholder rebates and manufacturer offers. It is accepted at all Discount Tire retailers and more than 250,000 gas stations nationwide, giving people flexibility when they need to get where they’re going.

“It gives our customers the opportunity to focus a card on their tire and gas purchasing needs,” Winiecke said.

Deals, Rebates, and Finance Options on Tire Purchases

The Discount Tire credit card makes tire and wheel purchases easy, convenient, and secure, whether they are expected or a total surprise. That can make all the difference in maintaining safe and reliable transportation, especially as tires seem to grow more expensive every year.

“The card is a great fit for any driver, offering opportunities to save today with rebates and discounts and with the flexibility to pay over time,” Winiecke said. “So it really can help bridge the gap at times when budgets are stretched.”

A quick application process results in instant credit decisions for most, and the card is ready to use immediately upon approval. At that point, the promotional financing benefits also kick in. Interest is deferred when consumers pay off qualifying tire and wheel purchases within the promotional period.

Photo of the Discount Tire credit card
The Discount Tire credit card offers consumers attractive tire financing options and is accepted at more than 250,000 gas stations in the U.S.

Promotional financing offers range from six to 12 months, depending on the purchase amount, and minimum monthly payments are required throughout the promotional period.

Additional rebates and promotions vary, but all are aimed at new and existing cardholders and provide significant savings opportunities. In addition, all benefits and discounts are stackable, so they can add up.

“Now’s a great time to apply,” Winiecke said. “People are excited after 15 months of shutdowns to get out of their houses and into the summer driving season, and we’ll have many rebates and promotions scheduled throughout the summer.”

Manage Gas Purchases Through a Single Account

The Discount Tire credit card helps make managing travel more convenient because more than 250,000 gas stations in the U.S. accept it. All major fuel brands accept the card, so drivers don’t need to scout stations when it’s time to fill up. And putting all gas purchases on a single card is a great way to keep up with spending.

The gas station tie-in is a relatively recent addition to the card benefit lineup made possible through Discount Tire’s Synchrony partnership. For the past three years, Winiecke has helped oversee that relationship as Co-Chair on the company’s Credit Committee.

“Since I joined the committee, Synchrony has been a fantastic and willing partner in helping us support and listen to the needs of our customers,” he said. “To adapt and meet the needs of the market, we’ve been flexible in the rebates and discounts that we offer.”

Screenshot of Discount Tire Synchrony banner
Discount Tire’s partnership with Synchrony gives credit card users access to digital account management tools.

Discount Tire also makes it easy to pay card statements online or through its dedicated mobile app. Information about ongoing rebates and promotions is available online as well, so working with Discount Tire can be a seamless process.

Discount Tire plans to expand what its app can do, including adding functionalities that allow users to maintain and track card and vehicle information, make appointments at Discount Tire locations, and even shop for products and accessories.

“We think those will be wonderful additions, and certainly you can always visit us online to apply for a card or pick out a new set of tires or wheels for your vehicle,” Winiecke said.

Build Credit While Protecting Against the Unexpected

According to Winiecke, the Discount Tire credit card also has another beneficial application — as a tool for teaching financial responsibility.

The card is designed for tire, wheel, and other automotive-related purchases. It can’t be used to make a run to the mall, Starbucks, or other tempting retail destinations.

“So there’s a level of management and control,” Winiecke said. “When my children turned 18, I set them up as cardholders with me and have supported them as they’ve gone forward and made some purchases and put tanks of gas on the card.”

That can be a safe and efficient way to help young people safely build credit. The promotional financing incentives help them learn the advantages of making timely payments, as well.

“When both my kids purchased wheels on their cards, and the bills came, I made it a point to show them the deferred interest box and the countdown for the time,” Winiecke said. “As my daughter goes off to college this fall, we’ll be more confident knowing that she can’t use the card everywhere she might want to, but she can use it for those unexpected necessities that might come up.”

In addition to applicable manufacturer’s limited warranties, all tires sold by Discount Tire come with a free prorated road hazard warranty and additional available protection in the form of their exclusive Certificates. That shows the company stands behind what it sells, no matter what the buyer’s situation.

“We know that buying tires can be an uncomfortable process,” Winiecke said. “At every touchpoint with a customer, whether it’s on the phone, online, or in the store, we intend to provide the most inviting, easy, and safe experience we can.