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CoreCommerce Helps SMBs Build & Scale Their Online Business with a Global Ecommerce Platform and 40+ Payment Gateways

CoreCommerce Helps SMBs Build & Scale Their Online Business with a Global Ecommerce Platform and 40+ Payment Gateways

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Ashley Dull
By: Ashley Dull
Posted: February 6, 2017

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In a Nutshell: With steady growth every quarter for more than 10 years, ecommerce has quickly become a billion-dollar industry. Unfortunately, that industry is still facing some hurdles. CoreCommerce is helping smooth the path with a new take on an old technology. In addition to the company’s already popular ecommerce platform, and backed by the team’s legendary customer service, CoreCommerce has now revolutionized hosted payments pages (HPP). Using the drag-and-drop functionality of the new CoreCommerce HPP, merchants can build an entire payments page in just minutes — and add a custom pay button to an invoice, which renders a mobile responsive payments page when clicked. The future of commerce is globalized ecommerce, and CoreCommerce is a multilingual, multi-currency, global platform.

For the majority of the history of commerce, transactions have been limited in scope and geography. The farmer or artisan could certainly carry his or her goods to the nearby market — but forget selling your 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter to a discerning collector halfway around the world.

photo of corecommerce ceo michael thompson

Michael Thompson is the CEO of CoreCommerce.

In today’s hyper-connected world, however, you can sell to just about anyone, anywhere — and do it from the comfort of your own sofa. Commerce today has gone well beyond borders and limits, and even beyond commerce; the future is ecommerce. Of course, it’s not without its own hurdles.

“Ecommerce is a global business,” said Michael Thompson, CEO of major ecommerce platform provider, CoreCommerce. “What hasn’t become global — yet — is easy, secure credit card acceptance worldwide.” Michael is part of a group of investors who joined CoreCommerce in 2016 and have been revamping the company with the goal of helping improve global ecommerce functionality.

“Merchants can accept cards internationally, but they pay pretty expensive conversion fees to the associations and to their processors,” Michael said. “One of my goals is to help SMBs be able to sell to cardholders globally in a safe, secure way, and have reasonable processing fees.”

Start Accepting Payments in Minutes with a Custom Hosted Payments Page from CoreCommerce and CardConnect

One of the steps toward reaching the goal of globalization was a new take on old technology. “We spent the better half of 2016 building a really revolutionary hosted payments page (HPP),” Michael explained. While he is the first to point out that hosted payments pages aren’t a novel concept, Michael said it’s CoreCommerce’s approach to HPP that makes the new product “revolutionary.”

“All these gateways and processors have had hosted payments pages for 5 or 10 years,” said Michael. “However, what you’ll find is that the companies send the merchant a multi-page specification document on how to program and build a hosted payments page for their store.”

The team at CoreCommerce has worked to change the HPP song and dance by making hosted payments pages easier to put together for the average merchant. Rather than fighting a multi-page technical document or hiring a developer, the new HPP product requires no programming skills.

screenshot of corecommerce hpp builder

“What we’ve done is build a drag-and-drop online form,” Michael described. “Anyone has the ability to drag and drop things on a form, then click “Build Link” — and, basically, be ready to accept credit cards online.” And the team has even tested the product to ensure it’s as user-friendly as they built it to be.

“We’ve timed it,” Michael revealed. “A merchant can build a hosted payments page, complete with their colors and their logo, in under three minutes and have it connected up to the gateway. That’s compared to the weeks — and thousands of dollars — of the current solutions on the market.”

Hosted payments pages won’t replace the standard shopping cart when it comes to product sales, Michael said, but do work well for invoicing services rendered.

“The hosted payment page comes complete with a customizable “Pay Now” button that can be copied and pasted into an invoice,” said Michael, “so it’s really ideal for companies that want to invoice for a service. They could be professional service organizations, or individual providers, such as doctors or lawyers — things where a payment is required but products aren’t shipped. If you just want to get paid and collect money on a desktop or mobile device, a hosted payments page is the ideal way to do it.”

In fact, Michael revealed that CoreCommerce’s new HPP technology has been so well received that the product has been adopted by partner CardConnect as its branded HPP solution. “CardConnect has integrated and bundled the HPP technology into CardPointe, their proprietary payments platform used by 67,000 merchants,” he said proudly.

Establish Your Online Presence with a Full-Feature Ecommerce Platform

While the team may be particularly enthusiastic about their new product, CoreCommerce is, of course, much more than simply a revolutionizer of HPP technology. The company has provided merchants with a complete ecommerce platform for over 15 years.

“We help merchants establish their online presence,” Michael explained. “We help them set up a website and a store where they can upload their products, set up their taxes, handle shipping, and accept payments.”

Merchants can choose from more than 40 payments gateways, all of which operate seamlessly in conjunction with the CoreCommerce platform. The platform supports both U.S. and international gateways, ensuring online payment transactions can be routed through the merchant’s preferred gateway.

screenshot of corecommerce platform page

CoreCommerce has been helping merchants establish an online presence for more than 15 years.

From initial site build, to secure hosting, to analytics, CoreCommerce works to provide a total ecommerce solution. As the site puts it, “Our all-in-one online stores are designed to provide an outstanding user experience for your customers with easy store navigation, attractive and informative product displays, product feeds, promotional banner content, and social media sharing.”

To improve user experience even further, the company has also integrated CardConnect’s tokenization system into CoreCommerce’s ecommerce platform, allowing customers to save credit card information with CoreCommerce merchants, which, Michael said, is a surprisingly uncommon process in today’s market. “There’s a bit of mistrust out there in the marketplace of having consumer cards stored,” he explained.

For the CoreCommerce team, partnering with CardConnect for card storage made sense because neither the merchants nor ecommerce platform holds onto the information. Instead, card data is securely stored by CardConnect and accessed through tokenization.

“What we do,” described Michael, “is put a token in the merchant’s store tied to that cardholder. Then, when the consumer returns to buy more products, all they need to do is see the last four digits of the card on file and click on that card to check out.”

Get Legendary Customer Service that Goes Above and Beyond for Every Client

As any business owner knows, all the amazing products in the world will do you little good if no one can use them. In addition to designing their products to be as user-friendly as possible, merchants undergo a free onboarding session guided by their own questions, as well as access to 24/7 support.

The CoreCommerce team has a strong focus on providing what they call “legendary” customer support, which, according to Michael, stems from a few key factors — including the experience of their customer service personnel.

“One thing that makes us legendary is experience,” he said. “We have a small team, but there is virtually no turnover.” That lack of turnover means you won’t end up talking to a new hire who knows nothing.

screenshot of corecommerce customer service page

The CoreCommerce team takes customer service seriously, offering 24/7 support online and on the phone from experienced customer service personnel.

“I’ve enjoyed conversation with customers who have actually left us and come back,” Michael described. “And they said they came back because they liked talking to Matthew, or Daniel.”

Addressing any client issues quickly and completely is another aspect of CoreCommerce’s legendary support. Need a website tweak or a quick walkthrough? The support team is there, both through the live chat feature of your admin panel and on the phone.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to reach us,” said Michael. “We’re an online company that is using real people to support your business.”

Simple, Transparent, Omnichannel Payment Solutions

The world of commerce is evolving at a rapid pace, transitioning into a digital process — transitioning into ecommerce. Companies and individuals alike are flocking to the new technological selling medium (and profiting from the change). Indeed, while ecommerce may still be a young platform so far as history is concerned, it isn’t going away — it’s going global. And CoreCommerce is helping take it there.

corecommerce logo

“I think the direction is one that’s international,” said Michael. “We have clients in several countries who sell worldwide. Ecommerce is a global business, and CoreCommerce has a global platform.”