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Brittney Mayer • April 25, 2017

In a Nutshell: One of the most important things a company can do to maintain the happiness of not just consumers, but also key investors and shareholders, is to freely disseminate the latest news and announcements. For thousands of the top companies in the world, including half of the Fortune 500, this communication happens through press releases and regulatory disclosures distributed by Business Wire. For over 50 years, Business Wire has maintained a reputation for accurate, reliable, and secure distribution of news content, partnering with major financial and business publications, including Bloomberg, Dow Jones, and Marketwatch. Business Wire today reaches more than 89,000 media outlets in 162 countries and 50+ languages using the world’s only patented news network.

A common puzzle is presented to many a student in both physics and philosophy about the nature of sound and the role of observation. The puzzle ponders, if a tree falls in the middle of the forest without a single creature to hear it, does it, in fact, make a sound?

While I can’t recommend bringing up the topic unless you’re in the mood for a long discussion on semantics (how does one actually define a sound?), it does have a use in the business world as a fantastic metaphor. Most particularly, with a little paraphrasing, the sound in the forest illustrates the key role of marketing in any business: If a press release is issued by a company, and no one is around to hear it — did it make a sound?

Whether a well-established enterprise or simply an enterprising startup, keeping the public up-to-date can be vital to not only happy customers, but also (and, sometimes, more importantly) happy investors and shareholders. Announcing everything from the latest quarterly revenue numbers or important market report, to the reveal of the hottest new product, the press release is often a company’s main line of communication with the public.

Scott Fedonchik is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Business Wire.

For more than 50 years, Business Wire has been helping companies connect with consumers and investors as the go-to distributor of press releases and regulatory disclosures. The Berkshire Hathaway company — yes, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway — helps businesses reach journalists from some of the largest financial and business publications in the world, as well as directly reaching millions through its own website and mobile app.

“Our feeds go directly into the newsrooms of leading news site like the AP, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Marketwatch, Agence France-Presse, Thomson Reuters, to news portals such as Google News and Yahoo! Finance, as well as to Business Wire’s website and mobile apps,” said Scott Fedonchik, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Business Wire. Furthermore, with its global reach, Business Wire can instantly spread a company’s latest release to millions of readers in dozens of languages.

“Business Wire has partnerships with 60 national and international news agencies facilitating reach to more than 89,000 media outlets in 162 countries,” described Scott “We also offer more than 1,676 delivery options in more than 50 local languages that reach specified geographic markets, and offer a choice of nearly 200 industry trade categories at no additional charge.”

Find Breaking News & Announcements from Thousands of Companies Around the World

Keeping abreast of the latest goings-on isn’t just idle curiosity for the savvy investor; every new development has the chance to bring with it changes that could make or break a stock portfolio. And with profits on the line, some don’t want to slog through paragraphs of journalistic prose to get to the point; they’d rather have the news straight from the digital horse’s mouth.

The Business Wire Mobile web portal allows users to receive full-text press releases from anywhere.

Business Wire publishes between 500-1,000 releases a day across our global network. We carry news from more than half of the Fortune 500, and thousands of publicly traded companies across a wide array of business categories,” Scott said. “Additionally, startups, small businesses, non-profits, governmental agencies, advocacy groups, associations, and public policy organizations utilize Business Wire to tap into our wide, deep and targeted coverage of the news marketplace.”

Not only can readers of all types — including journalists, consumers, and investors — receive the latest press releases from the companies and categories most important to them, but they can do it on their preferred platform.

Business Wire’s desktop site is fully searchable and comprehensive, allowing users to narrow down results based on industry, business category, multimedia content, and language.

The latest tradeshow and event announcements are organized into their own calendar for easy browsing, and upcoming earnings and conference calls can be searched by company stock symbol to help users and investors stay up-to-date on the companies that impact them the most.

The desktop site is also home to one of Business Wire’s latest innovations: BizWireTV. A new take on the plain old press release, BizWireTV is a project in conjunction with Al Roker Entertainment is a weekly video roundup of the latest news trending on Business Wire.

For those on-the-go, there’s the Business Wire Mobile web portal, from which users can receive up-to-the-minute, full-text press releases and multimedia searchable by dozens of categories. When accessed via an SMS subscription, Business Wire Mobile will also include a personal landing page, customizable news feed, and the ability to email relevant press releases to friends and contacts who might benefit.

While the sheer scope of Business Wire’s network is impressive, the company doesn’t consider its size to be its most important feature. Rather, the team at Business Wire considers its hard-won reputation to be its most important asset.

“The primary benefits of Business Wire consist of credibility, accuracy, reach and trust. We have spent over 50 years building symbiotic relationships with media, investors, and consumers by delivering factually reliable and timely corporate and organization news content,” said Scott. “Within our 20 local newsrooms around the world, we employ experienced and knowledgeable editorial teams who review this content to confirm legitimacy and accuracy.”

Reach 89K+ Media Outlets with Your SMB’s Latest Updates

As if the ability to instantly reach almost 90,000 media outlets at once isn’t enough to sway the latest fintech, Business Wire has worked to make itself one of the most modern distributors of business news and reports. In addition to its BizWireTV platform turning press releases into engaging videos, Business Wire has developed its proprietary network into a multimedia-friendly powerhouse.

“One of the key features of a Business Wire news release is that our NX Network delivers a complete content package that preserves the customer’s text formatting features, including embedded hyperlinks, bold and italic type, bullets and underlines, wide, and clear financial tables as well as access to any associated multimedia assets (images, logos, videos and/or infographic files),” Scott described. “These assets are rights-cleared and royalty free for news outlets to use when developing their editorial coverage.”

The NewsTrak Reports from Business Wire provide analytics on important metrics such as release views and user engagement.

The inclusion of visual elements is becoming increasingly necessary to maintain readers’ attention — especially now that humans are the new goldfish. Including properly formatted and rights-cleared multimedia content not only helps get eyes on the press release itself, but makes it a more attractive story target for journalists on a deadline.

Business Wire also includes a variety of features designed to help companies after distribution. The Social Media Monitoring service allows companies to see who is talking about their brand — and what they’re saying. In addition, the NewsTrak Reports provide analytics on a number of metrics, including release views, traffic sources, multimedia views, and user engagement.

Companies can even see the overall impact of their latest news on the stock market through Business Wire’s Market Impact Reports. Tracking more than 27 key variables, including price, volume, and volatility, the Market Impact Reports can show exactly how investors took the news. Businesses can also see how they’re doing overall by comparing their performance with up to three other companies.

Another attractive feature of Business Wire’s proprietary network is its security. The distributor only releases communications on the client’s timeline, maintaining sensitive company documents securely before distribution.

Social Media Monitoring from Business Wire shows companies who are talking about their brand — and what they’re saying.

“From a security standpoint, Business Wire’s patented NX worldwide network ensures that news is distributed to every outlet at the same time and in a highly secure manner. We are the only newswire in receipt of an SOC 2 attestation engagement report confirming adherence to the AICPA’s security standards,” explained Scott. “The receipt of the SOC 2 report reinforces Business Wire’s continuing commitment to the most stringent security policies and procedures in the industry and solidifies our unmatched ability to safeguard, handle, and distribute critical information.”

Business Wire is the Industry’s Only Patented News Network

While I’m of the school of thought that a sound is made no matter who is around to hear it, that opinion applies strictly to falling trees. When it comes to a company’s important announcements and breaking news — well, those require a proper audience. And to reach the proper audience, at the right time, anywhere in the world, thousands of companies use Business Wire.

“We distribute thousands of news stories every week for leading and emerging brands around the world,” Scott said. “The news that crosses our wire drives the news conversation. It impacts consumer behavior, retail sales, stock performance, and company value.”

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