7 Coolest Bank of America Card Designs

Logan Ladnyk • May 24, 2018

More than 49 million U.S. consumers use Bank of America, so there’s a lot of plastic in the economy. Some card issuers give you the option to personalize your card to stand out from the crowd.

How can your card stand out as a Bank of America customer? Here are some designs to make your wallet pop in all the right ways:

7. Honorary Mention: Hello Kitty

The design is discontinued since BofA’s contract with Sanrio ended, but it was still a great card. It’s a simple design, but just seeing it makes you want your eyes to sparkle as you gush over how “kawaii desu” it is.

Unofficial reason it’s discontinued: ATMs couldn’t handle how cute this card is.

6. U.S. Pride

Bank of America has a platoon of designs if you want to show off your support for the U.S. military and all that they do for our country. Land, sea and air forces are all featured, as well as a flag if you want to support all branches equally. We gathered all six designs to show them off.

Any one of these six cards can show off your support for the U.S. Armed Forces.

5. Support Your Sport

You can also show off your sports fandom with your Bank of America card. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America shares the city with the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Carolina Panthers; other sports organizations also reside in the city. If you want, you can have your BofA card reflect your love of stock car racing. You can also get a card for any of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams and a few NFL teams as well.

A pairing between Bank of America and America’s Team just makes sense.

4. College Cards

While college support usually goes hand-in-hand with sports, we made this its own category. Alumni of certain schools can have their Bank of America card display their college pride, from the Arkansas Razorbacks to the University of Texas. These designs can feature logos and seals, but some show off architecture and sculptures.

Notre Dame alumni can use this card to become the Swipin’ Irish.

3. Eyes of the Tiger

What these designs all have in common is passion. Sometimes, though, that passion isn’t just about being a fan. It can be a passion about making a difference, which is what this World Wide Fund for Nature theme is all about. Not only do you feel good about the everyday activism you’re engaging in, but you’re also raising awareness with each purchase. That’s definitely a win-win.

Using this WWF-themed card as a talking point can raise conservation awareness.

2. Credit for the Cure

Some charitable causes hit a lot closer to home. One in eight women is expected to develop some form of breast cancer in her lifetime. Her connection to you could be as a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, niece, partner or friend. Surviving it is an incredible feat because enduring it is such an ordeal. By having your card affiliated with a group dedicated to ending breast cancer, you can help end it without spending a single day in med school.

In addition to supporting cancer research, your card will fit right in each October.

1. Custom Designs

Sometimes, though, even the coolest design template just isn’t enough. Take, for instance, Ben Shoemate’s dilemma. As one of millions of Bank of America customers, his card looked exactly like thousands upon thousands of other BofA cards. So he tried a few things, including spray paint and iron-on transfer paper, usually used for T-shirts. Those attempts didn’t go well, but making a sticker set for his card did.

You can use stickers to make your card as awesome as you want.

Shoemate turned his boring generic card into an incredible tribute to the TV show “Futurama.” Bender appears on the front, as well as a finance-themed alteration of the Internet meme “all your base are belong to us.” On the back, the magnetic strip is left uncovered, but the rest of the card is treated to the same overhaul. If you’re new to stickers, you can find all sorts of how-to guides over at Printaholic.com.

Don’t cover the magnetic stripe on the back of your card when using stickers!

Customize Your Card Today

Whether you use one of BofA’s templates or go with a custom design, there’s no time like the present when it comes to revamping your card. And if you still don’t have a card with EMV-chip technology, an upgrade will enhance both your card’s appearance and its security. To view all of the available design templates, check out Bank of America’s debit card page.

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