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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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12 Best Soft-Pull Credit Cards (Oct. 2023)

Avoiding Hard Inquiries with Soft-Pull Credit Cards

Credit cards generally will not be issued without a hard credit inquiry, but you can... read more »

Adam West 6/21/2022
7 Best Second-Chance Credit Cards: No Deposit (Oct. 2023)

2023’s Best Second-Chance Cards

Alexander Pope once said, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” That saying was true... read more »

Adam West 6/20/2022
9 Credit Cards For Very Bad Credit (Oct. 2023)

10 Credit Cards For Very Bad Credit

Some decent credit cards for very bad credit exist, but truthfully, a few of them are... read more »

Eric Bank 6/16/2022
9 Best Prepaid Debit Cards For Minors (Oct. 2023)

9 Best Prepaid Debit Cards For Minors

Prepaid debit cards for minors are becoming increasingly common. Most people use... read more »

Choncé Maddox 6/15/2022
7 Best Prepaid Debit Cards With Direct Deposit (Oct. 2023)

7 Best Prepaid Cards With Direct Deposit

Obtaining one of the best prepaid debit cards with direct deposit can make your... read more »

Adam West 6/14/2022
“Do Prepaid Cards Work on Patreon?” (Oct. 2023)

Do Prepaid Cards Work on Patreon? 

Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators with supporters. Your... read more »

Eric Bank 6/13/2022
7 Prepaid Cards That Build Credit (Oct. 2023)

7 Prepaid Credit Cards That Build Credit

Prepaid cards that build credit don’t really exist if you’re thinking in terms of a... read more »

Choncé Maddox 6/9/2022
When Do Credit Card Issuers Report Late Payments to the Credit Bureaus? 

When Are Late Payments Reported to the Bureaus?

You are probably aware that you need to pay your bills on time if you want to earn... read more »

John Ulzheimer 6/9/2022
5+ Instant Approval Auto Loans For Bad Credit (Oct. 2023)

14 Instant-Approval Auto Loans For Bad Credit Borrowers

This article reviews providers of instant approval auto loans for bad credit. Why?... read more »

Eric Bank 6/8/2022
8 Free Prepaid Credit Cards (Oct. 2023)

8 Free Prepaid Credit Cards You Can Get Online

Free prepaid credit cards can make shopping online and anywhere else that accepts... read more »

Aaron Crowe 6/7/2022
4 Citi Cash Back Cards Compared (Oct. 2023)

4 Citi Cash Back Cards

OK, let’s stipulate from the outset that Citi cash back is a little weird. The bank... read more »

Eric Bank 6/7/2022
8 Best Credit Cards with No Employment Check (Oct. 2023)

11 Best Credit Cards with No Employment Check

Most lenders want some sort of proof that you can pay back any loan that you receive... read more »

Adam West 6/6/2022
9 Best Loans & Credit Cards: 400-450 Credit Score (Oct. 2023)

9 Best Loans & Credit Cards For a 400 to 450 Credit Score

Although the number of people with sub-500 FICO credit scores has dropped over the... read more »

Ashley Fricker 6/2/2022
6 Great Reasons to Use a 0% APR Deal (Oct. 2023)

6 Great Reasons to Use a 0% APR Deal

Credit cards that offer 0% APR deals to new cardholders can be compelling. There are... read more »

Erica Sandberg 6/2/2022
12 Best Instant-Approval Credit Cards (Oct. 2023)

12 Cards With Instant Approval

American cooks ran to stores in the early 1950s to snatch up boxes of instant mashed... read more »

Adam West 6/1/2022
How to Get a Costco Citi Card (Oct. 2023)

How to Get a Costco Credit Card

You’ll learn how to get a Costco Citi Card the first time you walk into the giant... read more »

Eric Bank 5/31/2022
How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many?

How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many?

Many people love having lots of credit cards. One for cash back, one for travel, and... read more »

Marcie Geffner 5/26/2022
11 Best Citibank Credit Cards Compared (Oct. 2023)

11 Best Citibank Credit Cards

I obtained the first of several Citibank credit cards in 1974 when I was a starving... read more »

Eric Bank 5/24/2022
Mission Lane Credit Card Preapproval (Oct. 2023)

How to Get Preapproved For a Mission Lane Credit Card

The Mission Lane Credit Card quickly prequalifies you for this relatively new Visa... read more »

Eric Bank 5/19/2022
Mercury Credit Card: Review & 5 Alternatives (Oct. 2023)

Mercury Credit Card Review and 5 Alternatives

The Mercury Credit Card must be doing something right. It appeared in 2018, and now... read more »

Eric Bank 5/17/2022
Best Cash Back Visa Cards of 2023

16 Best Cash Back Visa Cards

The best cash back Visa cards can give you the chance to earn cash rewards for... read more »

Eric Bank 5/11/2022
Chase Sapphire Reserve vs. The Luxury Card (Oct. 2023)

Chase Sapphire Reserve® vs. The Luxury Cards

In this article, we pit the vs. Luxury Card trio. The Chase card is one of our... read more »

Eric Bank 5/11/2022
12 Ways Credit Cards Help Save on Vacations (Oct. 2023)

12 Ways Credit Cards Help You Save on Vacations

Summer and vacations go hand in hand, but record-high inflation is causing travel... read more »

Andrea Woroch 5/9/2022
8 Best Money-Back Credit Cards (Oct. 2023)

17 Best Money-Back Cards of 2023

If you’re interested in finding the best money-back credit cards, you’ve come to the... read more »

Eric Bank 5/5/2022

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