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Follow our team of finance experts for the best credit card advice on the web, including tips for responsible usage, navigating rewards programs, and other industry-insider recommendations.


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15 Best Business Credit Cards for Travel in 2019

15 Best Business Cards for Travel Rewards

The right business credit card could save your company thousands each year. If travel is a big part of your business, a card that offers... read more »
By: Eric Bank, 3/29/2019
11 Best Credit Cards for Beginners: 2019 Guide

11 Best Credit Card Offers for Beginners

Building credit from scratch can seem like a Catch-22. Without good credit, you won’t qualify for many of the best credit cards. But... read more »
By: Aaron Crowe, 3/27/2019
14 Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards of 2019

2019's Best Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees

Each year, millions of Americans travel to exotic locations abroad, whether for business or an exciting vacation. But even if it’s... read more »
By: Adam West, 3/26/2019
11 Best Signup Bonus Credit Cards for 2019

Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses for 2019

Imagine you found a way to earn hundreds of dollars — just for making the same purchases you make every day. Sounds pretty awesome,... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 3/25/2019
15 Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards of 2019

15 Best Cards With No Annual Fee

If you’re looking for the most credit card value for your dollar, then credit cards with no annual fees are just what the doctor ordered.... read more »
By: Eric Bank, 3/18/2019
2019 Guide: “What Credit Score Is Needed to Get a Credit Card?”

What Credit Score Is Needed to Get a Credit Card?

Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of consumer credit is that everything is pretty much a case of “your mileage may... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 3/18/2019
2 Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rate

2 Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rate

If no one has told you — and you’ve yet to discover it for yourself — credit card debt can be expensive. And, the longer... read more »
By: John Ulzheimer, 3/13/2019
2019’s Best Credit Card Deals

The Best Credit Card Deals for 2019

Finding a great deal feels good — and not just for your pocketbook. Knowing you scored sweet savings can also have a physiological... read more »
By: Brittney Mayer, 3/11/2019
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