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5 Best Discover Card Designs (Discover it®, Chrome & More)

5 Best Discover Card Designs (Discover it®, Chrome & More)

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Brittney Mayer
By: Brittney Mayer
Updated: November 7, 2019
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At one time, those who used credit and debit cards were generally using one of three types: ATM cards, company cards for business expenses, and retail store cards. Over the years, however, the role of the card has evolved to take over mainstream spending, making the once-ubiquitous paper check all but extinct in the retail world.

With so many now using their cards on a daily basis, it’s hardly surprising that users want to customize their cards. Who wants to look at a boring, basic design all day? Discover cardholders can choose from more than 40 credit card designs to personalize their plastic. Covering the gamut from simple to sporty, Discover card designs offer something for just about everyone.

1. Official Card of the NHL

Discover it NHL Design

Take your hockey fandom to the next level by getting an NHL-inspired design on your Discover it® card — which just so happens to be the official credit card of the National Hockey League. Choose from any NHL team — from the Avalanche to the Wild, and everyone in between. Each design features the team logo on a stylized background.

2. Go Retro with a Mix Tape

Discover it Mix Tape Design

Depending on your age, you may not even recognize this next design: an audio cassette. Once upon a time, they were used to create compilations of our favorite radio songs, called mix tapes. Not only is this design delightfully (or sadly?) retro, the tape appears to be ready to play — no rewinding required!

3. Show Off Your Pride

Discover it Pride Design

Featuring all the colors of the rainbow, this card design is made up of stylized metallic dots that fade into white. Whether you want to show off your pride or simply love the vibrant colors, this rainbow-inspired design is sure to brighten up a cloudy day.

4. Every Day’s a Beach Holiday

Discover it Beach Design

While few of us can spend our days luxuriating on a sandy beach, we can keep the dream alive with this tropical card design. Picture yourself in paradise every time you look at the bright blue skies, sparkling blue waters, and happy little palm trees.

5. Have Fun with Textured Solids

Discover it Plum Design

If some of the busier designs aren’t your style but you still want a personal touch, Discover also has a series of solid-colored offerings, made visually interesting with a brushed-nickel textured finish. The designs come in a range of colors inspired by nature, including charcoal, copper, gold, garnet, quartz, ocean, spruce, raspberry, and plum.

Current Top-Rated Discover Credit Card Offers

Beyond the wide range of fun and funky designs, Discover it® credit cards come with a lot of perks — such as top-rated customer service and no annual fee. Whether you like cash back rewards or airline miles, need a student card or a balance transfer offer, Discover has a credit card designed to meet your spending needs.

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Changing Your Design & Getting a Replacement Card

For the most part, people are happy that the paper checkbook has fallen by the wayside in everyday use. Still, some of us miss the options to customize the aesthetics of our checks just how we liked them, from font style to background images. While credit cards may not be quite as customizable as paper checks, plenty of options exist for personalizing your plastic. In fact, your Discover it® credit card comes with 40+ design options from which to choose; and the best part is that choosing a new card design is absolutely free, and you don’t even have to change your account number.

To order a new credit card design, simply sign into your Discover account and head over to the “Manage My Card” section. Here, you can choose to order an additional card or replace your current one, then the design selections are presented. In just four to six business days, your personalized card will arrive in the mail, ready to declare your team colors — or your need for a tropical vacation.