4 Ways to Honeymoon on a Budget

Alexandra Leslie • September 25, 2014

Any candid bride will tell you one of the most exciting perks of getting married is taking a honeymoon.

Some lucky couples are gifted an exotic honeymoon from family, and others had the forward thinking to save in advance for their dream trip.

Unfortunately, by the time most of us have finished spending for the big day, there’s nothing left for a honeymoon and not all families are able to help send you away.

Use these tips to enjoy a honeymoon on a budget without going into credit card debt.

1. Use a honeymoon registry.

You can register for fine china and monogrammed towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Crate and Barrel, but did you know you can register your honeymoon?

Sites like HoneyFund.com and HoneymoonWishes.com allow your wedding recipients to help pay for your getaway in small pieces rather than giving you tangible goods or cash.

You simply list out the activities and adventures you want, such as a romantic dinner on the beach, a sunset cruise or massages, and your wedding guests check off what they want and pay for it.

They don’t actually buy you those individual things — you get the money as a lump sum in the end — but it lets people feel like they’re giving you a specific gift rather than just giving money since some people don’t like giving cash as a gift.

2. Take a mini-moon.

A popular honeymoon trend is taking a mini-moon, which is a smaller, less expensive honeymoon.

These can take the place of a regular honeymoon, or you can take a mini-moon now and a full honeymoon later in the future when your finances can support it.

Taking a weekend mini-moon may not be what you originally envisioned, but it’s a fun way to celebrate your wedding and still experience a little vacation. You’ll thank yourself later for keeping the costs down!

“Many couples delay their honeymoons

 until they’re financially stable.”

3. Have a staycation honeymoon.

Chances are you’ve never even explored all of the amazing things your own town has to offer.

Rent a hotel room in a different part of town and spend a weekend or even a week exploring everything you’ve always wanted to do in your city. See the sights tourists love, explore the museums, dine in the restaurants, visit some new boutiques, etc.

You’ll save a fortune because you won’t have to buy plane tickets or rent a car.

4. Just wait.

This is the advice no bride wants to hear, but sometimes it’s impossible to afford a honeymoon after a wedding.

Sometimes you just don’t have enough gift money or savings, even for a staycation. That’s OK!

While you may not realize it, many couples delay their honeymoons until they’re more financially stable.

You can save it for a future date, even an anniversary, and truly enjoy it rather than putting a honeymoon you can’t afford on a credit card now and stressing over how you’re going to pay for it.

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