Crowdfunding for Anyone in Need: the FundRazr Platform Has Raised Over $85M for Personal Causes

Amber Brooks • June 22, 2017

In a Nutshell: Life often comes with unexpected costs; sometimes your budget can handle it, and sometimes it can’t. If you find yourself needing money for a good cause, you can get help by sharing your story on FundRazr — an alternative funding source for startups, charities, and personal causes. From medical bills to disaster relief, FundRazr harnesses the power of social media to help spread the word and raise money for thousands of worthy campaigns. The platform is free for anyone to create an account and seek financial support from an established network of donors. In total, FundRazr has raised in excess of $85 million from individuals and organizations worldwide.

On September 21, 2001, Sean Huze stood in line at a recruiting station in Hollywood, California. This 26-year-old actor rushed to enlist in the days following 9/11, not knowing what long-term psychological, financial, and physical consequences that decision would have. By February of 2003, he was a U.S. Marine leaving behind his wife, Nicole, and their newborn son, Andrew, for a two-year tour in Iraq.

When Sean returned home after an honorable discharge, he struggled to process all he’d experienced. He wrote a play about the war called “Sandstorm,” which was critically lauded, and he soon became an advocate against the Iraq War and for veterans’ issues — but all that publicity didn’t end his troubles as a veteran diagnosed with PTSD and nerve damage.

For Sean, acting was a way to cope with all he’d seen; however, he was soon straining to pay his bills and support his family. By October 2014, their money problems reached a breaking point, and his family faced losing their home unless they could come up with $3,000 by the end of the month.

That’s when the National Veterans Foundation stepped in on behalf of the man who’d spent years advocating for veterans. The organization created a campaign on FundRazr to raise money for the family of four.

Sean Huze and his wife had a 12-year-old son and infant daughter when they were hit by financial turmoil.

“Here is a vet who needs the help he’s earned by his service,” the cause’s description read, “and the system is so unwieldy, it can’t deliver that help this time. So we’re turning to you.”

Eight days later, the FundRazr campaign had raised $1,790 from 44 contributors. People rallied behind the decorated Marine, touched by his family’s dilemma.

Sean isn’t the only person helped by this website. The tremendous generosity of donors online has come to the aid of many good people facing difficult situations. Since its founding in 2008, FundRazr has offered networking support to thousands of worthy causes and raised over $85 million through peer-to-peer contributions.

Active in dozens of countries worldwide, the platform gives voice to individuals and nonprofits seeking financial help — oftentimes in a hurry. Its crowdfunding resources offer free aid to entrepreneurs, veterans, children, animals, victims of natural disasters or crime, and anyone else in need.

Making a Difference: FundRazr Connects People with Donors

FundRazr doesn’t limit what type of campaigns it will promote — the site advocates on behalf of nonprofits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyday people. Whether the crisis is financial, medical, or personal, anyone can go to this platform and ask for funding.

No cause is too big or small to post on the site. You can find a page for Julian Assange’s legal fees as well as a father’s post about his autistic son’s desire for a bike. Categories range from travel to memorials, so anyone seeking a financial goal can use the site to get fast funding.

On FundRazr, online fundraising projects can be kicked off within a matter of minutes.

“I like FundRazr and find it a valuable website to use for fundraising for the rescue organization I work for,” says Lark Kruse, who runs fundraising campaigns for the Florida Dachshund Rescue.

How the Site’s Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Works (3 Steps)

FundRazr empowers people to create campaigns and get financing with simple tools.

On the site, fundraisers have complete control over how they market their brands and tell their stories. “We believe that your brand is a powerful part of what engages your followers and instills trust,” a FundRazr blog post reads, “Your supporters are contributing to your campaign, not to our brand, so starting today, we’re putting organizations front and center.”

Some of FundRazr’s most popular causes include disaster relief and victim compensation.

After a quick setup, you can start sharing your cause and convincing donors to give support. FundRazr’s built-in social networking features offer an instant boost in visibility to make it even easier to raise money online.

“I read the easy three-step process, and we were up and running within five minutes,” says Laura Gennuso, a satisfied fundraiser. “We posted it to share with our friend on Facebook, and it spread faster than I would ever imagine!”

1. Create an Account for Free

Setting up your account on FundRazr is quick, simple, and free. You can sign up via your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or email account. The site uses your contacts as a baseline for fundraising.

You’ll then make your pitch in two places: a 255-character default message for social media and a long-form version for the campaign page. Some tips in the text space can guide you on how to write the most compelling statement.

A picture is optional but encouraged — donors like putting a face to the cause, so it’s worth it to upload a family photo or a motivational image.

You’ll also choose the currency you want to use, set a fundraising goal, and put your campaign on a deadline (or select “no deadline”). There are two “Funding Types” on FundRazr:

  1. Keep it all: This is the most popular option. You keep all the funds you raise. Period.
  2. All or nothing: This is more of a risk. Transactions won’t go through until you reach your fundraising goal. If you fall short and the deadline passes, you don’t get any of the contributions.

While no raffles or online contests are allowed on the site, FundRazr does let fundraisers offer their donors free incentives like perks, products, tickets, or wishes. It’s the responsibility of the campaign to provide and distribute incentives.

2. Share Your Campaign Across Social Networks

Through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and email, FundRazr reaches out to friends and friends of friends about your cause.

On Facebook, automatic updates are sent out about your campaigns, including the contributions, likes, and comments. FundRazr publishes certain Milestones — such as your first donation or reaching the halfway point to a fundraising goal — to show the campaign’s progress and attract more donors.

By spreading the word about the campaign and its activities, FundRazr increases the likelihood that more supporters will lend a hand.

3. Receive Funds Right Away

If you choose to “keep it all,” you’ll be paid in real-time as contributions come rolling in through PayPal or WePay.

FundRazr takes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and any bank card. You just have to be 18 years or older and a resident of U.S. or Canada to receive payment. There is a service fee on transactions, but no other additional fees will apply.

“Excellent amount of information as to how to use social media,” raves Senior Animals in Need Today (SAINTS). “But, most of all, such an ease of use and receiving the funds immediately.”

Personal Coaching & Support: Live Chat, How-to Guides, Help Center & Blog

FundRazr doesn’t leave its campaigns hanging or expect you to figure it out on your own. Tons of resources are available at the Help Center where crowdfunding novices are introduced to the site’s features.

The Help Center provides solutions and answers questions through step-by-step guides. The site also provides troubleshooting for technical issues. For more interactive or specific queries, anyone can join and post in the FundRazr Community Forum to get feedback, tips, and support from a reliable network of savvy users.

The Help Center teaches the basics about creating campaigns and using the platform to raise money.

The FundRazr blog advises and encourages fundraisers on the site. Articles detail best practices with topics like “7 Facebook Tips for a Successful Campaign.” Championing your success, the blog gives beginners good tips to get a running start at their fundraising goals.

The blog is also a source of news, posting when FundRazr comes out with new tools for the platform. You can subscribe with an email address for direct access to experienced and upbeat guidance.

FundRazr’s Built-In Network Helps You Spread the Word

From CorgiPals to Save the Children, FundRazr has impacted thousands of lives worldwide. The compassionate website makes it possible for ordinary people to lend a helping hand to someone who needs and deserves it. Sean Huze and his family can attest to the difference that even small donations can have.

Whether it’s a child living in poverty or a veteran battling PTSD, FundRazr provides a free and fast way to get financial assistance.

“The tools available to those who use FundRazr are phenomenal,” reads one TrustPilot review of FundRazr. “You won’t find another fundraising platform as robust or value-driven as this!”

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