10 Alternate Lifehack Uses For Credit Cards

10 Alternate Lifehack Uses For Credit Cards

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CardRates.com Staff
By: CardRates.com Staff
Posted: January 11, 2018
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Tired of wracking up debt with your credit cards? Instead, pull out your plastic and put it to some good use.

Here are just 10 ideas on what you could use those cards for instead!

Before you try any of these, you’ll want to open a new credit card since your old one will likely be unusable.

1. Weed Killer


If your garden is looking a little overrun, the solution is no further than your wallet. A credit card is a great way to get in between stones or pavement to scrape out the weeds. Keep your garden as pristine as your FICO score.

2. Guitar Pick


Anyone who plays guitar will tell you they often find themselves without a pick. You can save the day by just reaching into your pocket and offering them a flat piece of plastic: your credit card. Just be warned – your card will get cut up.

Some companies actually sell tools that allow you to “punch” a guitar pick out of anything.

3. Cranny Cleaner


Somethings in our lives are just too small for our fingers to get in and clean them. Fortunately, there’s an answer. If you find a crevice in your keyboard or coffee table that could use a good clean, a credit card can get the gunk right out.

4. Finger Splint


In the event you break your fingers, you should definitely see a doctor. However, you can use a credit card and bandages to splint them together before you get over there. Your card is the perfect size to work for a bind when you’re in a bind.

5. Straightedge


Who needs a ruler or yardstick when you’ve got a pocket full of plastic to play with? Credit cards will help you draw that perfectly straight line you require whenever and wherever – so long as it doesn’t have to be a very long one.

6. Ice Scraper


There’s no need to run back for the ice scraper when your car has ice on the windows – just reach into your wallet. With wide or narrow options to use and embossing to give you a nice grip, credit cards are an easy fix to your ice problem.

7. Door Opener


This is the original alternative use for credit cards, for sure. While they can’t tackle a deadbolt, you can easily use them on a spring latch door when you’re locked out on the wrong side of it. Just try not to look like a thief.

8. Throwing Star


You never know when you’ll need to defend yourself. Luckily, you’re probably carrying around several makeshift throwing stars in your pocket. Catch your assailant off guard like the monthly credit statement often does to you.

9. Golf Putter


For the golf lover who finds himself without a putter, this is your solution. Attach a credit card to a pole and you can get your game on. Just make sure the embossing faces out – it can make aiming that much harder.

10. Shim


Wobbly furniture can be a thing of the past. No need to go out and charge new pieces. All you have to do is slide your cards underneath to level them out. The more cards you use in this process, the fewer you’ll have to get yourself into trouble.

Bonus: You also get to feel like MacGyver whenever you do any of these.

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